If you are Hadoop administrator or want to become Hadoop Administrator then first of all we would like to tell you this one of the good choices for your career. And for becoming Hadoop administrator Apache Ambari has a great role to play. Apache Ambari is an open source component to manage, monitor and administer the various components and services in the Hadoop Cluster.

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With the Ambari Web UI you can add, delete, stop, start services in the Hadoop cluster which is managed by the Ambari. Even you can register the already created or deployed Hadoop Cluster with the Ambari. As we know that Hadoop cluster can have more than 10000 nodes in a single cluster. And managing so many nodes in the cluster is not an easy task, its very complex activity and I can assure when you start using the Apache Ambari you will feel how easy to manage to 10000 nodes cluster or farm of the server. But you must know various operations and feature of the Ambari Web UI before you do or make any changes to the cluster configuration.

Having knowledge about the Apache Ambari in and out can help you become very good Hadoop Administrator and certainly have high impact among the team member. Learning Ambari can help you grow vertically as well as horizontally (like Hadoop Cluster ?) in your career as well and another important factor is it can help you to fetch the higher salary as well. You can search any job portal and check the demand for this profile your own. There are lack of such administrator in the market and companies are training their own current employee for the same because they are not easily available in the market.

Even we recommend that you go through the documentation about Apache Ambari during your routine administration work but for the interview you have to be very specific and should know the general aspect and use of the Apache Ambari, because interviewer is smart enough he would try to find it out that you really have hands on knowledge of the Ambari service or not. And these question and answers will certainly help you get through at least for Apache Ambari perspective and for other Hadoop component interview questions, you can check the HadoopExam.com website as well. There are various Hadoop Solution provided vendor and these three are very popular Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR. However, reading and going through entire documentation is not possible in one sitting. But this book you can finish it at least in one or two sittings for sure, if you wish to. This would help you learn Apache Ambari quickly.

Let’s go through the question and answer and learn various things like Rolling start, maintenance mode, basics of Kerberos keytab files and many more concepts. There are too many things to learn and my experience says that as many things you learn it would make easier to learn further things and quicker as well. It is an adventures activity to learn how to manage 10000+ node cluster using the single Web UI. You would become a bond for such a large cluster management in reality. And HadoopExam.com would try on each and every possible step you learn the things and work.