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All Certifications preparation material is for renowned vendors like Cloudera, MapR, EMC, Databricks,SAS, Datastax, Oracle, NetApp etc , which has more value, reliability and consideration in industry other than any training institutional certifications.
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Hortonworks® Certification Practice Material : Following products are available for Certification preparation

HDPCD : No Java
HDPCD : Spark  HDPCA : Hadoop Admin 

About Hortonworks Certification :  Hortonworks is one of the leader in providing BigData solution through their own HDP platform. To check candidates proficiency or skills for HDP platform they have various certification exams. HDPs most of the exam are HandsOn exam other than HCA (Hortonworks Certified Associate). All the exam aspirant has to solve given tasks on HDP cluster. In each exam there are approx 10-12 problem scenario would be given and needs to be solved in 2 Hrs. Being an HandsOn exam, these certifications has high value in industry, becuase it require real hands on experience to solve given scenario. Hence to help you, HadoopExam is providing from scratch how to setup environment to practice scenarios.. HadoopExam also provides the complementary videos, where we guide you how to solve problems and setup the environment. Currently we have following certification preparation material available.
About HadoopExam Trainings : HadoopExam have been providing various trainings for BigData. So if you are new or even having experience you can use trainings provided to sharpen your BigData skills. As you can see demand for getting Bigdata resources is increasing and there are not enough resources available in industry, so it is suggested you learn Hadoop/BigData as early as possible to gain advantages. There are various trainings and we are keep adding new trainings and enhancing existing trainings as technology grow, please visit all products page to check all available training. We have also created an Annual package for multiple trainings, which you can check below.
Hadoop Annual Subscription

About HadoopExam BigData :  HadoopExam is providing most of the BigData certification preparation material as well as HandsOn trainings since 2011. We have many thousands of subscriber for this material and completed their certifications and get professionaly trained using our very well explained Hands on training for  BigData technologies e.g. Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Pig, Hive, OOzie, Solr, Elastic Search, Cassandra, MongoDB, Core Java, Scala, Python etc.  We always try our best to deliver quality material on low cost. Hence, it can reach to maximum user and also help HadoopExam growth.

About Certification Simulator :  Certification simulator is a proprietry product of HadoopExam through which all the exams are delivered. Simulator also sometime reffered as Practice Question Bank.  Please refer faq for more detail.

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We have training subscriber from TCS, IBM, INFOSYS, ACCENTURE, APPLE, HEWITT, Oracle , NetApp , Capgemini etc.

Books on Spark or PDF to read : Machine Learning with Spark, Fast Data Processing with Spark (Second edition), Mastering Apache Spark, Learning Hadoop 2, Learning Real-time Processing with Spark Streaming, Apache Spark in Action, Apache Spark CookBook, Learning Spark, Advanced Analytics with Spark Download

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