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Hortonworks HDPCD BigData Hadoop Professional Certification material :
Total 74 Solved scenarios which includes in depth complex scenarios solved for Sqoop,  Hive, Pigs, Flume,  Joins,  regular expressions, complex queries as per the objective mentioned by Hortonworks covering the entire syllabus. Its a performance based exam to do hands-on task on HDP platform (Complemenatry Selected videos will be provided to help with this.) Practice and Sample Problem with its solutions will be provided in HadoopExam Simulator only (Check Below Video to understand more). In real exam you will be asked many problems which can be solved mixing the components e.g. Hive and Sqoop , Pig, Flume etc. We have added complex scenario as well as step by step solutions for each practice task. This problem scnarios not only helps for HDPCD exam, but also it will help in your real life BigData problems. Hence solve these scenarios and become BigData experts, with HandsOn. Once you complete all 74 problem scenarios your own, you will be ready to clear real HDPCD No JAVA exam. This is one of the most demanding certification among the Hadoop Developer on HadoopExam.com. This certification is helpful for all the analyst, Hadoop Developer and Data scientists  who are working in various industry like E-Commerce, Finanace, Investment Banks, Health Care , Telecom  and with many start ups.  As name suggest this certification does not require previous knowledge of Java Programming.

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You can access complementory video for HDPCD for pratcie question from here : Check Now

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( HDPCD NO JAVA Certification ) Looks and Works

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This entire package will prepare you for Hadoop as well as prepare you for HDPCD:NO JAVA  in few days. (It will take approx. 60Hrs to complete all these material)

  1. Hadoop Professioanl Training with HandsOn Session
  2. Hortonworks HDPCD:NO JAVA Certifications 

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  2. HDPCD Spark Developer Certification
  3. HDPCA Hortonworks Hadoop Admin Certification
  4. Hadoop Professioanl Training with HandsOn Session 
  5. Spark Professioanl  Training. with HadnsOn Session 
  6. Spark SQL 2.x Professional Training
  7. HBase Professional Training
  8. OOzie Professional Training
  9. Spark SQL 2.x Fundamenrtals and Cookbook (Ebook Access)
  10. Scala Professional Training
  11. Python Professional Training
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Sample Testimonial  90%

Today i have cleared CCA175 and Scored 9 out of 10 questions..... I have gone through all the CCA175 Questions and practice the code provided by HadoopExam.com  Thanks for your questions and code content. The content was excellent and it helped me a lot.
(Especially I have gone through all the Spark Professional training module as well, i missed your Spark SQL training because it was launched late. But i wish to subscribe this training as well for my further learning). My feedback about real exam, i got  2 questions in Sqoop, 7 questions on Core Spark, file formats, Spark SQL (fantastic scenarios in simulator), and 1 questions on HDFS commands. Your 111 questions is good for somebody to save time as well as very organized learning.  Now i am looking for more advanced certification CCP:DE575

Thanks you sooo.. much

Yo*** Va**

I have cleared CCA175 certification yesterday with 100% result.  Your collection  of practice helped me a lot. I really appreciate the effort put in by you. I am also looking for OCP SE8( Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer II IZ0-809) and CCP(Cloudera Data Engineer, DE575) practice softwares. Please let me know at the earliest if available with you.
About my exam : I got 2 Sqoop, 1 Avro, 1 HDFS,  5 Spark (PySpark or Scala and Spark SQL) i solved most of them using Spark SQl i found it convenient. Simulator covers 100% scenarios in a very organized way..


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Required Skill for HDPCD (NO Java) Certification Exam

Data Ingestion

  • Import data from a table in a relational database into HDFS
  • Import the results of a query from a relational database into HDFS
  • Import a table from a relational database into a new or existing Hive table
  • Insert or update data from HDFS into a table in a relational database
  • Given a Flume configuration file, start a Flume agent
  • Given a configured sink and source, configure a Flume memory channel with a specified capacity
Data Transformation
  • Write and execute a Pig script
  • Load data into a Pig relation without a schema
  • Load data into a Pig relation with a schema
  • Load data from a Hive table into a Pig relation
  • Use Pig to transform data into a specified format
  • Transform data to match a given Hive schema
  • Group the data of one or more Pig relations
  • Use Pig to remove records with null values from a relation
  • Store the data from a Pig relation into a folder in HDFS
  • Store the data from a Pig relation into a Hive table
  • Sort the output of a Pig relation
  • Remove the duplicate tuples of a Pig relation
  • Specify the number of reduce tasks for a Pig MapReduce job
  • Join two datasets using Pig
  • Perform a replicated join using Pig
  • Run a Pig job using Tez
  • Within a Pig script, register a JAR file of User Defined Functions
  • Within a Pig script, define an alias for a User Defined Function
  • Within a Pig script, invoke a User Defined Function
Data Analysis
  • Write and execute a Hive query
  • Define a Hive-managed table
  • Define a Hive external table
  • Define a partitioned Hive table
  • Define a bucketed Hive table
  • Define a Hive table from a select query
  • Define a Hive table that uses the ORCFile format
  • Create a new ORCFile table from the data in an existing non-ORCFile Hive table
  • Specify the storage format of a Hive table
  • Specify the delimiter of a Hive table
  • Load data into a Hive table from a local directory
  • Load data into a Hive table from an HDFS directory
  • Load data into a Hive table as the result of a query
  • Load a compressed data file into a Hive table
  • Update a row in a Hive table
  • Delete a row from a Hive table
  • Insert a new row into a Hive table
  • Join two Hive tables
  • Run a Hive query using Tez
  • Run a Hive query using vectorization
  • Output the execution plan for a Hive query
  • Use a subquery within a Hive query
  • Output data from a Hive query that is totally ordered across multiple reducers
  • Set a Hadoop or Hive configuration property from within a Hive query

Purpose of the exam

Exam Description

Minimally Qualified Candidate 

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