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Certifications: MapR® Certfications Preparation Kits

MCSD : MapR®  Certified Spark (Scala)  Developer

  • Total Scenario : 220+
  • Video URL : Check Here
  • Price : 2999INR or  $79                    
MCHD : MapR® Hadoop Developer Certification

  • Total Scenario :  600+
  • Video URL : Check Here
  • Price : 2900INR or  $65     
MCHBD : MapR®  HBase Developer Certification

  • Total Scenario : 285+
  • Video URL : Check Here
  • Price : 2900INR or  $65   

MCDA : MapR Certified Data Analyst Certification

  • Total Scenario :  In Progress
  • Video URL : Check Here
  • Price : NA
MCCA : MapR Certified Cluster Administrator
  • Total Scenario : In Progress
  • Video URL : Check Here
  • Price : NA

  • Total Module : appox. 30 modules
  • Video URL : Check Here
  • Price : 4999INR or  $119 
About MapR MCSD : MapR® Certified Spark Developer:  Total 220+ Solved Questions : Recently updated based on learners feedback.

Download MapR Spark Certification Guide

Note : This Version-1 Exam has been retired. Please check the latest version on this link  : New Version MapR Spark V2

MapR is one of the popular vendor for BigData solutions and they have entire ecosystem created for various BigData engineering, Machine Learning, IOT and Data Science problems. Yes, they have leveraged all the available open source products and optimized those products for efficiency and make it more user friendly. However, to prove that you have good knowledge of MapR products, you need to certify yourself in those particular products. We have been continuously receiving request from our huge loyal learners that they wish to go for MapR Spark certification as well. Many of them already certified different products using HadoopExam focused certification preparation material. Our dedicated technical team had done lot of research and feedback from existing learner as well as who appeared in real exam, we have created a bundle of 220+ MapR Spark Scala Certification material. Main challenge of Spark  certification is the version and complex programming questions with sample data, which version are you using to prepare the exam. MapR Spark certification currently ask questions based on Spark 1.6 version, because their product support that specific Spark version. So, you can not blindly preparing with the latest version of Spark. You need very specific questions to get prepared which should work on Spark 1.6. Hence, we have 220+ relevant questions covering the entire syllabus of MapR Spark Scala certification. Please keep in mind in real exam 80% questions are based on program. As Spark is framework written in Scala had very matured programming language supported. As per current market trend it is one of the technology which is in top trending list. We have seen most of our learners are Java, C++ programmer, Data Analyst willing to become data scientist, BigData Engineer etc. which proves that demand is very high for Spark certified developer. Please subscribe for MapR Spark Scala Certification with 220+ questions You can also get bundle of more than one relevant product.

Some important points about MapR Spark Scala Certification
  • Programming language is Scala (Previously they were asking Spark Java Questions as well, and now it is removed)
  • 10% -20% Questions are based on Concepts mostly for Machine Learning
  • 80% Questions are based on Programming with sample Data
  • Quite complex programming questions, need to be answered in limited time. Its quite challenging
  • GraphX questions are not being asked (As per learners feedback)
  • Code snippet will be given to answer questions.
  • In real exam question count varies between 60-80 questions.
  • They ask questions from all 7 sections.
  • File formats understanding is very important.
  • Without going through all 220 questions from the HadoopExam simulator, it is very difficult to clear the exam.
  • Best way to prepare for MapR Spark certification is use below three products.
    1. Scala Professional Training
    2. Spark Professional Training (In Scala)
    3. MapR Certified Spark Certification Simulator (220+ Questions)
  • If you have any doubt contact us using contact detail, mentioned on the top of the page. either email, WhatsApp Call, Direct Call etc.

This entire package will prepare you for Spark Programming, Scala Programming and MapR Spark Scala Certification exam: Includes below three products (PACK3MAPRSPRKSCLTRN7777)

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( MCSD : MapR Certified Spark Developer ) Looks and Works

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Get all 3 MapR Certification Simulators  (50% + 30% Discount) : PACK3MAPRCERTSIM3377
  1. MCHD : MapR Hadoop Developer Certification
  2. MCHBD : MapR HBase Certification
  3. MCSD : MapR Spark Developer

  1. MCHD : MapR Hadoop Developer Certification
  2. MCHBD : MapR HBase Certification
  3. MCSD : MapR Spark Developer
To customize contact hadoopexam@gmail.com
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Required Skills for MapR Certified Spark Scala Developer (MCSD)

1. Load and Inspect Data 24%
  •     1.1 Demonstrate how to create and use Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs)
  •     1.2 Apply transformation to RDDs, such as map(), filter(), distinct(), reduceByKey
  •     1.3 Apply actions to RDDs such as count(), collect(), reduce(func), take (n), foreach(func), first()
  •     1.4 Demonstrate how and when to cache intermediate RDDs and persist
  •     1.5 Identify the differences between Actions and Transformations
2. Build an Apache Spark Application 14%
  •     2.1 Describe how MapReduce jobs are executed and monitored in both MapReduce v.1 and in YARN
  •     2.2 Define the function of SparkContext
  •     2.3 Create a simple Spark application creating a SparkContext with a main method
  •     2.4 Describe the differences between running Spark in the interactive shell vs. building a standalone application
  •     2.5 Run a Spark application in modes including Local, Standalone, YARN, and Mesos
3. Working with Pair RDD 17%
  •     3.1 Define ways to create Pair RDDs from existing RDDs and from automatically loaded     data
  •     3.2 Apply transformations on Pair RDDs including groupByKey and reduceByKey
  •     3.3 Describe the differences between groupByKey and reduceByKey and how each     are used
  •     3.4 Use transformations specific to two pPair RDDs, including joins
  •     3.5 Apply actions on pPair RDDs
  •     3.6 Control partitioning across nodes, including specifying the type of partitioner and number of partitions
4. Working with DataFrames 14%
  •     4.1 Create DataFrames from existing RDDs, data sources, and using reflection
  •     4.2 Demonstrate how to use DataFrame operations including domain methods and SQL
  •     4.3 Demonstrate how to register a user-defined function
  •     4.4 Define how to repartition DataFrames
5. Monitoring Spark Applications 10%
  •     5.1 Describe components of the Spark execution model such as stages, tasks, and jobs
  •     5.2 Use Spark Web UI to monitor Spark applications
  •     5.3 Debug and tune Spark application logic, as well as Spark configurations, including
  •     optimizations, memory cache, and data locality
6. Spark Streaming 10%
  •     6.1 Describe Apache Spark Streaming architecture components and their purpose
  •     6.2 Demonstrate how to use Spark Streaming to process streaming data
  •     6.3 Demonstrate how to create DStreams using standard RDD operations and stateful operations
  •     6.4 Demonstrate how to trigger computation using output operations such as saveAsTextFiles, foreachRDD, and others
  •     6.5 Demonstrate how to process streaming data using Window operations including countByWindow, reduceByWindow, countByValueAndWindow, and others
  •     6.6 Describe how Spark Streaming achieves fault tolerance
7 .Advanced Spark programming Machine Learning 10%
  •     7.1 Use accumulators as atomic aggregates and broadcast variables as a way to share data
  •     7.2 Differentiate between supervised and unsupervised machine learning
  •     7.3 Identify use of classification, clustering, and recommendation machine learning libraries
  •     7.4 Describe the basic process for machine learning using Spark

Features of the MCSD Certification Simulator
  • Entire syllabus will be covered.
  • Any future updates will be free on single and same machine.
  • Solutions are already executed on Spark 1.6.
  • Our technical expert regularly update the simulator based on learners feedback and their own research for specific product.
  • It will help you gain confidence and reduce study time.
  • Always updated and explanations of  wherever required.

Note : This product is tested only on Windows Operating System. IOS users are using this Wine Bottler to run exe.

* Please read faq section carefully

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We have training subscriber from TCS, IBM, INFOSYS, ACCENTURE, APPLE, HEWITT, Oracle , NetApp , Capgemini etc.

Books on Spark or PDF to read : Machine Learning with Spark, Fast Data Processing with Spark (Second edition), Mastering Apache Spark, Learning Hadoop 2, Learning Real-time Processing with Spark Streaming, Apache Spark in Action, Apache Spark CookBook, Learning Spark, Advanced Analytics with Spark Download

Note : You can choose more than one product to have custome package created from below and send email to hadoopexam@gmail.com to get discount

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