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Exam Prepare : AWS Kinesis Data Stream Professional Training:
  • In total 11 Modules 12 Videos 
  • Core concepts and fundamentals are covered
  • AWS Important points for certification exam are covered
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 AWS Kinesis Data Stream is a service for processing data in a real time. AWS Provide Software as a Service for processing real time data. Kinesis Data Platform coveres the following four service on AWS platform.
  1. AWS Kinesis Data Stream
  2. Kinesis Data FireHose
  3. Kinesis Data Analytics
  4. Kinesis Video Stream
First 3 are very important for the Big Data Specialization certification.  And also you need to know how to use these four services while designing and architecting solution using AWS platform. Hence, to clear AWS Solution architect associate and professional certification you need to know all the four services. As part of Exam Prepare :AWS Kinesis Data Stream Training  we are covering all the fundamental concepts and important points you need to know. It also covers various latent concepts of Kinesis Data Stream platform. Please check below for the entire syllabus covered under this training in total 12 modules.

AWS Kinesis Data Stream Training for certification

Below is the best combo for the AWS BigData Speciality certification (AWSBD7777TRN3)

1. AWS BigData Speciality Certification Simulator
2. Exam Prepare Training : AWS Kinesis Data Stream
3. Hadoop BigData Professional Training

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00)   AWS Exam Prepare : Kinesis Data Stream   Hadoop Professional Training 

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Complementary Video Access for Kinesis  Data Stream

  AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00)

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Hadoop Annual Subscription

Syllabus Covered as Part of This training (Learn Kinesis Data Stream in few hours and also you can remember these concepts for the long term for sure)  : Take the print out of all the pdfs and keep them handy and refer before your real exam.

Module-1: Introduction to Kinesis Data Stream
PDF Download Available Length 19 Minutes)
  •     What is Streaming Data?
  •     What is Kinesis Stream?
  •     Put-to-Get Delay
  •     KCL Introduction
  •     AWS Certification Exam important points
Module-2: Important Concepts for Kinesis Data Stream PDF Download Available Length 25 Minutes)
  •     Shards
  •     Partition Key
  •     Sequence Number
  •     Data Stream
  •     Data Record
  •     Retention Period
  •     Streaming App
  •     AWS Certification Exam important points
Module-3: Data Stream Consumers PDF Download Available Length 17 Minutes)
  •     Streaming Consumer Introduction
  •     Various Limits for consumers
  •     More detail on Kinesis Client Library
  •     AWS Certification Exam important points
Module-4: Resharding Concepts PDF Download Available Length 12 Minutes)
  •     Shard Split
  •     Shard Merge
  •     Shard state transitioning
Module-5: Managing and Monitoring stream PDF Download Available Length 15 Minutes + 9 Minutes)
  •     Stream tagging
  •     CloudWatch Monitoring
  •     Kinesis Agent Monitoring
  •     API Call logs
  •     KCL and Cloudwatch
Module-6: Data Security-1 PDF Download Available Length 22 Minutes)
  •     Server Side Encryption
  •     AWS KMS CMK and Kinesis Data Stream
  •     AWS Certification Exam important points
  •     IAM and Access Management
  •     Streaming and Networking
Module-7: Data Writing to Stream-1 PDF Download Available Length 14 Minutes)
  •     Kinesis Producer Library
  •     When to avoid KPS (Important for AWS Certification)
  •     KPL Batching
  •              Aggregation
  •              Collection
  •   KPL and Kinesis FireHose
Module-8: Data Writing to Stream-2 PDF Download Available Length 10 Minutes)
  •     Kinesis Stream API for writing
  •     Kinesis Stream Agent
Module-9: Reading Data from Stream PDF Download Available Length 11 Minutes)
  •     Using KCL (Kinesis Client Library)
  •     Using Streaming API
  •     API v/s KCL (V Imp for AWS Certification)
  •     Consumer with Enhanced Fan-out
Module-10: Kinesis Data stream Advanced Concepts PDF Download Available Length 15 Minutes)
  •     Concepts you need to know for AWS BigData Certification
Module-11: Kinesis Data stream Worker and Processor Architecture PDF Download Available Length 7 Minutes)
  •     Duplicate Record Processing

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Note : You can choose more than one product to have custome package created from below and send email to hadoopexam@gmail.com to get discount

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