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Practice Exam for : CRT020 : Databricks® Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark 2.4 with Python-3 - Assessment Exam


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EBook (Online PDF) : CRT020 : Databricks Spark Certification Guide in Python : Please note that this book is still under development and as per engineering team, this should be completed in around next couple of weeks. Cost of this book in open market $59 , if you have subscription to this certification preparation material then you would have access without any additional fee. This book covers only topics wich are specific to certification syllabus and their concepts are discussed in depth. Currently we see this certification has 43-Sub topics under 10-major topics. This book as of now more than 50% completed and soon we would be releasing full version. If you have not subscribed yet then please go on this page and subscribe this certification material.

Free Sample CRT020 : Databricks Spark Certification Guide in Python (Early Edition)

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