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About EMC®  Data Science and BigData Analytics Certification Exam – DEA-7TT2 : As per Latest Syllabus and one of the demanding certification among data scientists and data analytics engineer  : Total 295 Questions with detailed explanation : EMC data science certification is in high demand, because there are already data analytics team exists and they wanted to certify themselves as a Data Scientist. By doing this certification it would help in adding title as a data scientists. As you know, demand for data scientists is quite high since last few years. So to get certified as a data scientists you required a good knowledge starting from the Statistics, Programming, Machine Learning, BigData components etc. We at HadoopExam since last 7 years giving training and certification preparation material for BigData, Analytics and various programming. On the same track we are able to provide the Certification Preparation Material for the EMC Data Scientists Associate as well as Specialist Certification preparation material. Please check the entire syllabus in the below section for this certification. Why you should do this certification. There are multiple reasons for that as below
  • It helps in your career growth.
  • One of the prestigious title "Data Scientists"
  • High Pay Packages
  • Most of the time, you will be working with the talented people.
  • Give opportunity to work with Research , Marketing, Sales team
Who should do this certification? This certification is must for the following professionals
  • Software Engineers, working on the data
  • Data Analytics Engineer (Already working on SAS, R, Tableau, Qlik, SPSS)
  • Data Mining Engineers
  • Students who planned their career for the data scientist role.
  • Anybody else willing to take opportunity to work with data scientist.
In this certification EMC covers the 6 Major Topics as BigData, Analytics, and Data Scientists Role (5%) , Data Analytics Lifecycle(8%), Initial Analysis of the data(15%), Advanced Analytics-Theory, Application, and Interpretation of Results for Eight Methods(40%), Advanced Analytics for BigData-Technology and Tools(22%), Operationalizing an Analytics Project and Data Visualization Techniques(10%). Generally it takes 2-3 months to prepare this certification, but our study material can help in faster learning. Hence, we recommend you subscribe for combo package as listed below to get more than one products. 

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  EMC Data Science Associate : DEA-7TT2 

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Below is the best combo for the Data Science Speciality certification (EMCDSBigDATATrn3)

1. EMC Data Science Associate : DEA-7TT2
2. EMC Data Science Specialists : (E20-065)
3. Hadoop BigData Professional Training

  EMC Data Science Associate : DEA-7TT2   EMC Data Science Specialist Certification Exam   Hadoop Professional Training

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AWS and Cloudera : Passed

I am regular customer of yours. Purchased AWS Solution Architect, DevOPS, CCAH and succesfully cleared the exam.
Now i am looking for AWS Solution Architect - Professional Exam Material. Let me know please price for exam material and price for it.
So that i will pay the payment.  Awaiting for your reply at the earliest

Thanks & Regards
Ravi Kumar, ******* | bra***@***mail.com

Passed :

Please let me know if there is any update available for the Exam AWS Certified Developer Associate Level and provide me the same. as my current organization wants me to give this certification again As previous certificate for the same is expired. Thanks to your team and simulator, I was able to get certified on this exam in my previous attempt.

Ak** Singh Cha**


I would only say thanks for all. Yesterday I pass the certification AWS SA Associate exam.

Kind regards,
Est** Alqué**

(CCA175) 90%

Today i have cleared CCA175 and Scored 9 out of 10 questions..... I have gone through all the CCA175 Questions and practice the code provided by HadoopExam.com  Thanks for your questions and code content. The content was excellent and it helped me a lot.
(Especially I have gone through all the Spark Professional training module as well, i missed your Spark SQL training because it was launched late. But i wish to subscribe this training as well for my further learning). My feedback about real exam, i got  2 questions in Sqoop, 7 questions on Core Spark, file formats, Spark SQL (fantastic scenarios in simulator), and 1 questions on HDFS commands. Your 111 questions is good for somebody to save time as well as very organized learning.  Now i am looking for more advanced certification CCP:DE575

Thanks you sooo.. much

Yo*** Va**

I have cleared CCA175 certification yesterday with 100% result.  Your collection  of practice helped me a lot. I really appreciate the effort put in by you. I am also looking for OCP SE8( Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer II IZ0-809) and CCP(Cloudera Data Engineer, DE575) practice softwares. Please let me know at the earliest if available with you.
About my exam : I got 2 Sqoop, 1 Avro, 1 HDFS,  5 Spark (PySpark or Scala and Spark SQL) i solved most of them using Spark SQl i found it convenient. Simulator covers 100% scenarios in a very organized way..


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Required Skills for EMC DEA-7TT2 Associate Certfication 

Big Data, Analytics, and the Data Scientist Role (5%) : 3 Quuestions

• Define and describe the characteristics of Big Data

• Describe the business drivers for Big Data analytics and data science

• Describe the Data Scientist role and related skills

 Data Analytics Lifecycle (8%) : 5 Questions

• Describe the data analytics lifecycle purpose and sequence of phases

• Discovery - Describe details of this phase, including activities and associated roles

• Data preparation - Describe details of this phase, including activities and associated roles

• Model planning - Describe details of this phase, including activities and associated roles

• Model building - Describe details of this phase, including activities and associated roles

 Initial Analysis of the Data (15%) : 9 Questions

• Explain how basic R commands are used to initially explore and analyze the data

• Describe and provide examples of the most important statistical measures and effective visualizations of data

• Describe the theory, process, and analysis of results for hypothesis testing and its use in evaluating a model

Advanced Analytics - Theory, Application, and Interpretation of Results for Eight Methods (40%) : 24 Questions

• K-means clustering (3 Questions)

• Association rules (3 Questions)

• Linear regression (3 Questions)

• Logistic Regression (3 Questions)

• Naïve Bayesian classifiers (3 Questions)

• Decision trees (3 Questions)

• Time Series Analysis (3 Questions)

• Text Analytics (3 Questions)

 Advanced Analytics for Big Data - Technology and Tools (22%) :  14 Questions

• Describe the technological challenges posed by Big Data

• Describe the nature and use of MapReduce and Apache Hadoop

• Describe the Hadoop ecosystem and related product use cases

• Describe in-database analytics and SQL essentials

• Describe advanced SQL methods: window functions, ordered aggregates, and MADlib

 Operationalizing an Analytics Project and Data Visualization Techniques (10%) : 6 Questions

• Describe best practices for communicating findings and operationalizing an analytics project

• Describe best practices for building project presentations for specific audiences

• Describe best practices for planning and creating effective data visualizations

Features of the Certification Material
1. Entire syllabus covered.
2. All required questions comes with detailed explanation
3. Any future updates will be free, if your subscription is active.
4. Our expert regularly update the exam simulator.
5. It will help you gain confidence and reduce study time.
6.  Continuous updats and correct/incorrect  way of solutions explanation

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Sample Questions are available Below
Question-1: What are the characteristics of the structured data?
Question-2: Which of the following are true for semi-structured data?
Question-3: Which of the following are example of quasi-structured data?
Question-4: Which of the following are the characteristics of the unstructured data?
Question-5: What a data scientists can do with the clickstream data?
Question-6: What all are the benefits of using the BigData Projects which were not available in the Non-BigData solutions?
Question-7: Which of the following question statement falls under data science category?
Question-8: Which of the following skills a data scientists required?
Question-9: Which of the following steps you will be using in the discovery phase?
Question10: Which of the following tool can be used to load and clean the huge volume of data?
Question11: What are the key outcomes of the successful analytical projects?
Question12: Order the all the steps correctly which you can follow while implementing advance analytics data science project?
Question13: You are working on a Data Science project and during the project you have been gibe a responsibility to interview all the stakeholders in the project. In which phase of the project you are?
Question14: You are working as a data scientists in a retail chain company. To you and your team have been given a project to implement recommendation engines for the products which company is selling online and you decided to create an analytics sandbox
Question15: You are working with a training company which provides online trainings in various profession. You have received the data for further analysis which are already transformed and structured. You find that there is a high correlation between cou
Syllabus : EMC DEA-7TT2 : Data Science Associate

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